Getting The Most Out of Your Small Kitchen – A Guide

Let’s face it, a small kitchen is not ideal, since for any home, the kitchen really is the heart – most of your family memories are going to stem from it. Your kitchen needs to be both livable and likeable, and when it comes down to a compact kitchen, planning it out to perfection will make sure that you overcome any sort of limitations and get the most out of your space. In fact, sometimes it takes much longer to be able to remodel a small kitchen as opposed to a larger one, since the needs are so specific and there is little room for errors of careless design.

We have a few recommendations for you that can help you in maximising your small kitchen space and to help squeeze every inch out of it:

Using Drawers Over Cabinets

As often as you can, switch from cabinets to drawers, so that you can get optimum usability of the space that is available. Having drawers means that you have easy access to any item you need, unlike cabinets, wherein you would have to actually rummage through, that ends up in cluttering and pile-up of things. Not only do drawers look much more organised and chic, but they also help you in increasing your efficiency. Kitchens For Living provides you with a plethora of drawer options in different finishes, that not only add a touch of glam but also transform it into a super organised space.

Perfect Positioning Is Important

According to the layout of your rooms, you need to consider how you can place your appliances in the most optimum position. Be it considering narrow pullout pantry and drawers on the side of your stoves that help in maintaining your kitchen work triangle, or having extra slim cabinets and drawers. You need to ensure the maintenance your comfort in terms of ease of access of your appliances, and also the organisational space.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

When it comes to choosing your kitchen appliances if you are pressed for space then going for appliances that are bigger will not necessarily mean that they are the best fit. Choose smart design styles that are a perfect match for your kitchen space. Doing so will make sure that you don’t have to give up on storage space in order to just fit them in your kitchen forcefully. For kitchen appliances that not only look good but are also sleek and take less space, ask us for options – we have great relationship with many manufacturers.

Savvy Shelving For The Win

Go beyond the normal options that are available when you build your kitchen, by thinking about how to best utilise your wall space so that you have maximum storage. Be it the addition of decorative hooks that you can hang your spoons or utensils from, or even have some open shelving to pick up your bowls or measuring utensils from – the more creative you get, the more shelving space you will have.

Working with a small kitchen, can of course, get a little challenging, however, if you place your units carefully and look at the strategic arrangement of your worktops, appliances, etc. you will be able to create for yourself a comfortable and cozy cooking space that is functional as well as aesthetically pleasant at the same time. Priding ourselves in complete customer satisfaction, if you’re looking to transform your kitchen space, choose Kitchens For Living. We’ll offer you customised solutions that’ll wow your family and friends and turn your space into the kitchen of your dreams.