Where it all Started

In 2017, Nigel and Michelle’s dream became a reality when they got the keys to their showroom. With Nigel’s vision and Michelle’s personal touches, the empty space became a reality. The showroom based in Barry, has truly become a family affair as Michelle’s family has continued to support the business to this day.


Kitchens For Living now have a growing customer base not only across South Wales but all parts of Wales and regions over the River Severn. No space is too big or small – from large family homes with recently extended kitchen space to smaller,  much more intimate areas and those with limited budgets.


We know how important the kitchen is in the family home. Kitchens For Living’s goal are to help customers maximise their floor and work space – with clever adjustments and industry know-how, the small touches will prove to transform your home.


Kitchens For Living is a culmination of years' of experience and a keen eye for detail for design & planning. Watch your kitchen space become the hub for the family home.

Nigel and Michelle are a husband and wife team. Nigel has vast experience in the Carpentry trade who is able to visualise, design and install kitchens. He’s also a perfectionist – whether he is doing a worktop change or a full kitchen, his honesty and reputation has earned continued business through recommendations.


Michelle took a step back with her career for a few years to start a family but decided it was time to help and support  Nigel in realising his dream to build the business in to having a showroom. Michelle is the backbone of the business, a prominent figure in the showroom.  Michelle is the first contact to any potential customer and is always available throughout the kitchen process. Michelle has many years of experience of customer service.


Kitchens For Living will help you transform your kitchen into a truly desirable space for the whole family . From showroom staff who will be on hand to help answer any questions to skilled CAD designers and technicians who will help visualise your dream kitchen and of course, Nigel and his team who will make the magic happen.

Kitchen For Living Was Born

Michelle returned to work to support Nigel and become director and the face for the business.

Taking The Plunge

Nigel’s biggest achievement was when he decided to go out on his own with everything he had learnt to build his own reputation and finally release his goal on a business and showroom.

The Family Grew

Nigel and Michelle had their first child. Michelle then took a career break to focus on raising their child.


Nigel gained a reputation and a name for himself in the carpentry world. This has enabled him to build up a solid customer base and repeated business where customers have moved and required new kitchens/carpentry work.

Michelle’s Story

Michelle moved to the training sector as an Assessor within her expertise of retail, customer service & business administration and promotion to Team Leader. During the 11 years of working within the company,  Michelle played an important role within the quality and auditing team.

Adding to Experience

Over the years Nigel worked for local kitchen companies and national ones where he learnt on the job to fit kitchens and bedrooms. The craftsmanship he developed led him to be able to offer bespoke carpentry work such as wall panelling, fitted cupboards and display cabinets.

Michelle’s Valuable Experience

Michelle made a career change into office management supporting the senior management including accounts and marketing. This experience has been valuable to help set up Kitchens for Living.

Where it all began

Nigel started carpentry work alongside his father in his teenage years. From the various house projects, he gained knowledge and experience from him.

Introducing Michelle

Michelle worked from the age of 16 starting in retail and promotion over the years to management gave her the ability to manage processes very well.