Spend Or Save – How to Remodel Your Kitchen Cost-Effectively

Much like how everything in life requires updating to keep up with the times, so does your kitchen. A reflection of your lifestyle – when it comes to kitchen remodeling there really are no stringent rules regarding how you must spend your money. Having said that however, most of us do not have a limitless budget, so you need to be spending money on things that are important to you and also things that will serve you functionally. 

For example, someone who loves to cook gourmet food may like to allocate a higher budget for appliances, similarly someone who likes to entertain would think of things such as a wine cooler being a necessity. On the other hand, a packed family would think about storage as being of the utmost importance – hence, when designing your kitchen, factor in the needs of your current lifestyle.

With years of experience in the kitchen industry, here are our tips on things you should spend on and where you should save:

Spend – Appliances

Literally, the most used items in your kitchen are your appliances. Since they are mostly a long-term investment, invest in quality ones that will last you for a while, though this does not mean that every appliance in your kitchen needs to be top of the line. Think about cooking needs and then invest wisely in the kind of appliances you’ll be needing. You can take a look at our wide selection of appliances that are not only budget-friendly, but also great quality.

Save – Worktops

Today, the market is inundated with a wide selection of worktops that factor not only durability, but also aesthetics and cost efficiency. When you are working on a budget, then it’s best that you invest in an option that is not over the top. We can offer you a cost of worktop options to choose from, ranging from laminate, granite, wood or quartz. Whatever your worktop needs might be, we have something for everyone and every budget.

Spend – Installation

You might feel that renovating your kitchen is something that you can handle on your own, let us tell you that getting a professional kitchen fitter is something that you should really think about. Doing so, will not only help in getting you a high-quality finish, but having a professional install your kitchen will also mean that you will be privy to expert advice that can help you in getting more out of your space. Plus, you’ll save bags of time and get it right the first time.

Save – Tiles and Flooring

Even though they add the finishing touch to your kitchen and really bring out the aesthetic wholeness – investing too much in your tiles and flooring could not be a great idea. If you really like an expensive tile, then instead of doing the entire floor or the wall with it, it’s best to create a splash back that would give your kitchen an even better twist. Similarly, instead of going for wooden flooring, you can also use laminates that are long-lasting and quite easy to maintain.

Spend – Storage

One thing that you can always count on, is the fact that every kitchen needs maximum storage solutions for it to be organised. Be it additions to your cupboards such as carousels, or choosing drawers over cabinets, invest in your storage solution because it really pays off.

We at Kitchens For Living provide you with comprehensive solutions for all types of kitchens – ranging from appliances to worktop, storage solutions to sinks. You can browse through our range and call us for assistance any time. Let us help you put together the kitchen of your dreams!