Top 5 Spring Cleaning Kitchen Hacks That You Must Know

As the days begin to get longer, we know it’s that time of the year again – yes, we’re talking about spring cleaning! With warmer weather comes the charm of giving your kitchen an overhaul – get rid of your dusty cabinets, cluttered drawers and all the excess things in the pantry that you’ll not use.

As experts in kitchens, here’s our pick of the top 5 spring-cleaning kitchen hacks that make the job so much easier:

There’s No Time Like The Present – So Just Get On With It

The problem with starting a spring clean is not how long it takes, or the effort – getting started is actually where the struggle lies. Since you’ve got to do it anyway, be smart about it. You can time yourself or set a time so that it increases your efficiency and your chores begin to feel much more manageable. If you set a timer to let’s say half an hour, you will be focused upon getting as much work done before you take a break and start again. You’ll be surprised what a difference this little tweak of approach makes.

Give Your Microwave A Good Steam Cleaning

Everyone knows how often food tends to splatter out in a microwave – leaving dry food stains that are tough to remove. So, before you have it out with a scrub, it’s best that you steam the insides of your microwave first. All you need to do is fill a microwave-safe bowl with 2 cups of water and roughly 2 tablespoons of white vinegar, you can even add a touch of fancy and add your favorite essential oil to the mix. Zap the mixture for a full five minutes and then scrub your microwave from the insides – Voila! you have a super clean, fresh-smelling microwave in no time.

Waxing Your Stovetop

When Mr. Miyagi said wax on and wax off, he might as well be giving you recommendations about your stovetop. After you have scrubbed off all the grime on it, what you need to do is to put a thin layer of wax on it and then buff it with a clean kitchen towel. This is going to make your stovetop shine sparkly bright, and also make it so much easier to wipe off any sort of future spills.

Citrusy Goodness For Your Stainless Steel

Hard water stains, are so common – and definitely unpleasant to look at. Luckily there’s a very simple ingredient in your kitchen that can help you remove any sort of hard water stain. We’re talking about the ever-versatile Lemon. Cut a lemon in half and start rubbing it on your faucets, or any stainless-steel surface that needs cleaning. The added bonus of course, you do not have to deal with any sort of chemical fumes and have a fresh natural citrus scent going around the house.

Declutter And Organize Like There’s No Tomorrow

Be it adding a lazy Susan in your refrigerator so that you can reach the items in the back, or getting rid of the old unused spices in the pantry. Declutter and reorganise is the name of the game when it comes to spring cleaning your kitchen. This not only opens up more space but makes it so much easier to clean as well.

So, there you have it, a few tips and tricks that are going to help you ace cleaning your kitchen like a pro! Just go ahead and kickstart your spring cleaning today.